Wednesday, January 18

With This Ring

Unlike most girls, I never dreamed about my wedding day.  I didn't have an ideal dress, the perfect colors, or even the type of flowers picked out.  I've always seen weddings for more of what they're really about: the love and the marriage.  To me, nothing else really matters except being with the man I never thought actually existed.

I actually found the Fabuluster wedding bands when I was working in buying.  I knew if the day ever came to get married, I wanted these rings to be on my finger.  Engraving is nice, but your love's fingerprint on your ring?  It makes my inner romantic's heart go pitter patter.

We ordered them on our 22 month anniversary (yes, we celebrate the 11th of each month)!  We received our packet within two days and started the process. Basically, you receive a kit, confirm all of the ring details, and take your fingerprint.  I wouldn't divulge any specifics, because I understand and appreciate the hard work they put into this. It's completely organized and easy enough to understand.  We should have our custom rings back within a few months, when of course I will share the results with you!

Only 155 more days to go until the big day!


  1. WOW! What a cool idea!!! And yay for only 155 more days! So many bloggers are getting married this year, it's just awesome.

  2. So genius. I've loved Fabuluster since you introduced me to it :) Cannot wait to see your finished product!!!

  3. This really is a very sweet idea. So cool that you chose to go with them. I bet the end product will be super lovely.

  4. Lindsay, that is why I love reading your blog. That is so unique! I've never heard about it before. I can't wait for your wedding day to come. It will be here before you know it! Excited much?

  5. man, that's so cool! can't wait to see the finished product :)
    xoxox kat


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