Tuesday, January 17

Inspiration Station

Since before 2012, I have barely been motivated to get anything done.  I just haven't been in my mode, my typical go-getter self.  This weekend I was cleaning and found some old magazines.  It made me nostalgic and want to make some inspiration pages like I used when I was young.  Here are some shots of what I found for good direction on my own wardrobe.  And just fyi, there is no way I could actually wear the first top.  "The girls" would simply not allow it, but maybe I could wear it backwards.

What inspires you?


  1. Great inspirations! I should really start doing this again. I've started saving pictures from other blogs that I read when I get inspired.. I suppose that's the "new age" version of pulling out magazine pictures?

  2. The bold red lip is so you, it looked so great on you at brunch! I actually cut things out of magazines and add them to a binder as inspiration. I then feel ok tossing the old mag. Thanks for sharing these!


  3. Girl, my two wouldn't stay in place for that 1st pic either! LOL We all get into ruts. I haven't been feeling the best, so I'm just now responding to blog posts. I love to read blogs, because I learn so much when I do. I get inspiration from other people.


  4. I'm going to be totally lame here and say "breathing" is what inspires me. There was a day, not that long ago, when I could barely do something that simple. Sometimes, I don't feel very far from being in that same position even today. Because it was all so close to fading into nothingness for me, having another chance to sit, stand, walk, or anything else - excites me. Weird isn't it? Everything I experience I want to share with everyone because of the way it impacts me and the chance to connect to people with it seems so insanely wonderful. It all makes me really, furiously happy.


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