Monday, January 16

Who's who in fashion: Eleonora Carisi

Meet Eleonora Carisi:

You may remember Eleonora from the stunt she pulled with the Upper East Side ladies who lunch.  Yes, she was the girl that wore a sheer blouse with no bra during the middle of the day in New York.  I suppose stranger things have happened.  On a normal day, you can find her blogging or running her store in Italy called You by 5 Years.  Personally, I love her style because she takes risks and and it seems that she doesn't care much what people have to say.

Ed Kavishe
The London Look
Citizen Couture


  1. HaHa! That takes a lot of guts to wear a sheer blouse with nothing underneath. I love her style. She's constantly changing and evolving which is important. Great feature Lindsay.

  2. Man that is some courage! I guess at least what she's showing underneath are still in nice condition! Haha. And she has also made me feel better about wearing pants that are way too long on me (first picture). She really has great style. I love all the colors in the last picture.

  3. Okay, I actually love the braless outfit... But maybe with a bra hahaha. What balls!

  4. I love her outfit in the last picture. The bright yellow maxi paired with the bright striped sweater is such an easy but chic look!


  5. The second one is simple amazing!
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  6. I love your "Who's Who in Fashion" pieces- so many stylish women out there I don't know about! Thanks Lindsay!!! I don't know what to say about pic #3 except that "less is more" doesn't really apply in this case... :)

  7. Great post about Eleonora, she proofs that a girl can look always stylish no matte what she wear!
    Love your blog, keep up the good work


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