Thursday, January 19

Micro Trends

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about trends.  Not so much about specific trends, but more about where they come from.  It got me thinking about our zeitgeist (you know it's my favorite word) and how it's affected our current fashion environment.

What has really struck a cord for me is the relationship between fashion and youth.  Not only do we strive for youthful appearances, but as of late, our fashion choices seem to reek of a childhood nostaligia.  Let me elaborate.

Miu Miu Pink Glitter Pumps
Let's talk about glitter.  It's everywhere.  It's on shoes, bags, hats, and sweaters.  What can be more childlike than glitter?  Add some custom jewelry via Pretty Pretty Princess and we've reverted back to being 5 years old.

Furla Candy Bag
Who doesn't remember jelly sandals?  I think I lived in these from age 3 to 8.  Uncomfortable, squeaky, and blister-inducing, jellies were all the rage back in the day and it seems they're back.  From jelly bags to heels via Melissa.

Venessa Arizaga Friendship Bracelet
This is the most obvious.  Friendship bracelets.  Seriously.  The Man Repeller "arm party" is made of as many as you can fit on your wrist.  Net-a-porter even has a category for them.  Back in the day, the bracelet kits were sold in abundance and kept BFFs united.  Now add some rhinestones and you've got yourself a fashion statement.

So I must ask.  Is this movement merely a trend or is it a larger statement?  Are we simply nostalgic for our childhoods?  Is it our way of repressing the current politcal, economic, and environmental state of the world?  Maybe I'm digging too deep and girls simply want to be cute.  What do you think?

Source: Fashion Mag


  1. Good point here. I def think you are on to something. Very well written post, one of your best.

  2. We're probably just wanting to go back to a simpler time without bills and decisions and jobs... or maybe that's just me speaking. By the way? In love with that bag.

  3. I'm going to risk it for a biscuit. I think it might vary from individual to individual but there's a definite correlation here. These items are more than just objects from the past. They're in colors that symbolize youth, immaturity, a lack of responsibility, a freedom of spirit that most of us don't feel as we get through each day. These are the things that appealed to us when our attention spans weren't expected to be all that long, shiny things ruled, bright colors stimulated our senses and the big drama in our lives were usually centered around how much candy we could fit in our mouths at one time. It's no wonder these trends continue to rear their heads and take root.

  4. Lindsay, you always bring up some excellent points. In my last blog (sassyuptownchic), I did a week long posting on today's fashions and the 80's. So many were surprised with the comparisons. I think they take from yesteryear and just build on that concept. From our eyes, nothing is really NEW. Fashion just keeps evolving into other things. Excellent post!

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