Friday, January 20


I will apologize in advance for the influx of wedding talk this week, but after you see why I am talking about wedding stuff, you might forgive me.  As you know, I'm a planner extraordinaire, except when it comes to important things like weather.  Our wedding will be in Sydney, Australia in June.  For all of you privy to the weather down under, that means it will be winter. Doh!  My dress? It's backless.  I foresee a problem.

Basically, I need a shawl/wrap.  I thought I found the one I wanted, but then I stumbled upon another one.  I won't let you know which one is which, as to not skew your opinion.  So I need your help.  (And apparently you love voting!)  Which shawl should I choose?

Maribou Fur Shawl
Feather Shrug
Which shawl should I choose?
  • Maribou
  • Feather


  1. As much as I like feathers I think the feather one looks too much like a feather duster. The mariibou one looks so much better. It has a softer more romantic feel.

  2. The feather one is almost costume like. The maribou is more timeless. ;)

  3. Love them both, but I think the feather one is so you!


  4. Both are really nice. It was hard voting, because you would wear both well. I chose Maribou (timeless).

  5. Maribou all the way! I am with Kim - it's so timeless!

  6. seems the crowd is digging the maribou, but i think it will be too much competition. you'll want your face and the dress to really sing, so i wouldn't go for something so fluffy and distracting. the feathers are definitely a statement too, but a little more subdued in my opinion.
    xoxox kat


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