Monday, November 28


Now that it's finally politically correct to discuss Christmas, I'm going to tell you about a little tradition we started last year.  Boyfriend and I agreed that each year we will exchange an ornament before Christmas to hang on the tree.  I can't wait until we have a tree full of special memories from each year.

Hers 2010
His 2010
Hers 2011
His 2011

What are your holiday traditions?


  1. Ha! Too funny. How can two people so far apart be so similar? My husband and I started a tradition the year we got together. We buy an extra special ornament for each Christmas we're together. We got a pewter one engraved for our first year together and another the year we got married. Those were the only personalized ones but the others are just as special. One for each kid the year they were born. Etc etc...Wonderful tradition. ;)

  2. Haha my boyfriend and I do the same thing, but he is always told which one to buy! xxx

  3. that is so very sweet xx

  4. Last year since it was our first Christmas with Beckett we decided to find an ornament every year that represents each of us.

  5. You definitely made me SMILE! That is so awesome! It's a great idea. :) Loving the 1st one!!!

  6. These are fantastic ornaments, I love this tradition. I don't think I have any holiday traditions so to speak....

  7. I think it's so sweet that you have your special ornaments - we only have one so far - must start collecting more!


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