Friday, November 25

Fashion 101: Z

It's the final day of the Fashion 101 series! Yay!  I hope you learned some things from it, as I know I definitely did!  The final word is one that I learned in sociology class.  It seemed like a really fancy word and I ended up using it in almost all of my essays every semester from that point on.  Was it applicable?  Sure.  Did I just like the sound of it? Absolutely!  Here we go!


The moral and intellectual trends of a given era.  Taken from the German zeit meaning time and geist meaning sprit, the term's literal translation is "the spirit of the age."  Fashion, art and design are all subject to the zeitgeist and this is reflected in everything from choice of colors, hemlines, hairstyles and cosmetics.  As such, certain designs can be easily classified as originating in a certain era.

Occupy Wall Street
When I try to imagine what today's zeitgeist will have represented, I imagine the influence of the economy and the environment.  For the first time in a while, our generation is standing up and striving to make change.  This is shown through more environmentally friendly transportation, clothing, and community motives.  Our music has aimed to be more empowering for women and minorities.  Burned my corporate schemes and corrupt individuals, it seems that we want to go back to the community as a center and be more organic in our decisions.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris


  1. Hey lindsay! I agree with your analogy of the term. When things are out of order, people will definitely speak up and voice their opinions. I will have to go back and read A - Z. These are very interesting. Great post!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your series! Great and powerful word. I'll have to see if I can work out how to fit THAT into a conversation hehehe.


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