Friday, November 25

Festive Friday

Here's just a little taste of my look yesterday for Thanksgiving.  I wanted to keep it glam with black and gold.  Rachel also helped a little bit with some 40s inspiration.

Do you dress up for the holidays or do you go for a more casual look?


  1. You look gorgeous, girl! LOVE your hair.

  2. I tend to dress up - but inevitably end up changing into jeans/sweats by the end of the day! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. Wow love! That's some serious hair skillz. Loving it. You look gorgeous. If I'm with family, doing some sort of event, I tend to dress up. It i'm slubbing it at home and not getting together with people outside of the people who live with me, then I go comfy allllll the way. Nothing like yoga pants on a "stuff your face silly" day.


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