Sunday, October 16

Necklace Display DIY

I must admit, it's a little embarrassing to call this post a DIY because it was ridiculously easy.  Then again, any of the DIY projects I post are going to be super duper easy and won't require 8,000 tools or materials.

PROBLEM: I have lots of big statement necklaces that end up smooshed together, which is not ideal for many reasons.

SOLUTION: Let's make a necklace display to keep them organized and shown off like pieces of art (like I think they are)!

TOOLS: You'll need a cork bulletin board (I got mine for free from the boy.), acrylic paint (Color of your choice.  Mine was black. Duh.), paintbrush, and thumbtacks. Shania Twain and Destiny's Child Pandora radio station optional, but I find that it increases productivity and general joy.

METHOD: Place the bulletin board in a safe place with room for moving.  If you have little puppy and live in a tiny apartment like me, this can be quite a challenge.  Grab a paper plate or something are you willing to discard to place the paint.  Then, you just go at it!  You can use you hands if you are nostalgic about finger-painting, but if you're a clean freak, I would go with a paintbrush.  It's as simple as that!

It took me 30 minutes to completely paint and about 90 minutes to dry.  I did one coat because I liked the look of some of the wood and cork showing through.  It will give you a rustic look, especially if you don't finish the edges.  I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

What do you use for jewelry storage?


  1. I love that idea! Did you come up with that yourself? I'm going to have to bookmark it so that when I'm feeling better, I can look at this for inspiration and consider doing one for myself. Personally, I am a sad sack of non-organization with a knot of necklaces in various jewellery boxes.

  2. I love this idea, and I just might have to borrow it. My jewelry is in four different places, and I can never find it when I need it. I like the idea of being able to see more of what I have at once.

  3. what an easy and economical idea! i should try this. right now i have my necklaces on a coat hanger hook in my bedroom.

  4. Simple, yes, but a great idea! You're a genius :)

  5. nice! I actually have a cork board lying around. Btw, what is elmo doing in the jewelry box;)

  6. I use a jewelery box. lol, but for beautiful pieces like that, the cork is an amazing idea.

  7. This is such a great idea! I have no room left in my draws for my necklaces and have been trying to thing of a way I can seperate them so they stop tangling up. Great DIY!


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