Saturday, October 15

More is Moore

Today I went to the BK Flea with Nike of Style Circuit and had a blast!  Normally it's quite a stlyish (read: hipster) scene, so I decided to combine some of my favorite new and vintage pieces.

So my basic outfit is all black.  Give me a break! It works and I like it.  I have admit that I have been wearing this Laundry dress a little too much.  Good thing I found the velvet version on Ebay for $25!  Maybe I'll just change the blog name to "Black dresses and statement pieces."  Just kidding!  Even I might get bored with that!

This is one of my all-time favorite vintage pieces. It's a blue trench with amazing buttons.  I bought it in high school and am still in love.

I'm wearing my new fur bag! I got a million compliments and it actually held all of the essentials.   I can't lie: it felt amazing when the fur brushed against my leg.  I just hope this doesn't increase my lust for fur more than it already has.

And for the piece de resistance: my new agate belt courtesy of Rab Labs!  I've been wearing this a lot more than I've posted.  Although I don't own any brown clothing, I've been able to incorporate this quite a bit with my numerous black and hunter green pieces.  It's such a luxurious statement piece that always gets comments.  You can buy yours here!

PS: And for my BK Flea purchases, you'll be seeing them soon!

PSS: My last name is Moore, hence the title.


  1. OOOOO love that belt. I actually have a necklace with a similar stone. Such a standout piece. Hope you had fun at BK Flea :-)

  2. I have a necklace to match your belt. I actually bought brown and a blue one both with very heavy goldish chains.

  3. That jacket is gorge!

  4. Love the jacket and I'm totally infatuated with anything stone related that's wearable. Totally jealous of your trip to the flea market. I'm too ill to go anywhere :( Solution? Live vicariously through other bloggers like you! Woo hoo!!!

  5. My eye was immediately drawn to that belt. It's so gorgeous!! I love the black outfit, too. I do that a lot, and then I add a pop of color like you did with the jacket.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. wow you are the posting queen, i cannot keep up with you... but you go glen coco!
    i love the blue & black combo, and i want your fuzzy little purse!


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