Saturday, October 15

Earthly Treasures

I love statement pieces.  In fact, most days I am wearing something gigantic on my fingers, arms, or neck.  I ran across these pieces below and had a physically restrain myself not to click the tempting 'Add to Cart' button.  (Let's be honest, it's not like I have a few grand sitting around anyways. (I wish.))  They are perfectly raw, multi-dimensional, natural, and incredibly unique.  So if anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift, or any sort of gift really, I would adore these!

Unearthen Prism Ring
Iosselliani Ltd. Edition Choker
Mania Mania Eternal Ring
 What kind of style does your lust live have? Simplicity? Modernity? Architectural?


  1. 1. I think I need to put together a lust list. 2. I am completely infatuated with those pieces. Makes me wonder if I can make some of my own versions.

  2. These are fab pieces i love the choker x

  3. Sweet pieces. I like the idea of unique old fashioned pieces as well. Give me a heavy link chain/ Rings anyday.


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