Friday, October 14

Liz Earle Con't.

You remember when I talked about my love for a new easy, non-messy cleanser?  Well, Liz Earle was nice enough to send me the rest of the skincare regime to try out and share with all of you!

Instant Boost Skin Tonic
This is the next step after cleansing.  You just squeeze some on a cotton ball and rub it in.  It really does give an "instant boost."  As I hope you know by now, when I do something, I like to do it all the way.  I like extremes and making statements.  This toner is no joke.  My face feels instantly cleaner, like all of the New York grit and grime is totally annihilated.  It isn't harsh though.  It just does just the job like a real toner should.

Skin Repair Moisturiser
Yes, moisturiser is spelled with an "s" instead of a "z."  They are English after all!  Although this moisturiser is in a pot rather than a tube, I still like it.  (I generally hate pots because the product gets under my nails.)  I received the normal/combination and tried it in the morning and at night.  My skin may be more oily than I thought, so from now on, I'm going to treat this like a cream.  I decided to use it at night solely, like the cure-all creams my mother used to use (and still does, let's not play).  It's very moisturizing and kind of thick.  I think it's going to work wonders during the blistering New York winter!

What type of skincare regime do you use? Do you like the thick cream moisturisers or do you like something more lightweight?


  1. I am a clinique fan.

  2. Gotta try these! I love my Cleanse & Polish for before bed time... In the morning, I use my Clarisonic with Benefit's Foaming Face Wash, and lots of Kiehl's moisturizer!

  3. I prefer a more lightweight one that does the job quickly and leaves my skin fresh! I'm using origins now. xoxoxoo

  4. Yay, you are coming to Sydney!!!!!!!!! :) Your plan sounds so romantic.

    Your post below is awesome, you voiced out what a lot of people think and do. I find it sad if bloggers feel pressured to keep shopping and buying things just to show off something new in every post. Sometimes, all I wanna read about are things going on in their life if it isn't too personal to share.

    The Cat Hag


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