Monday, October 17

A Drink & A Beverage

Fall has a million benefits that I've touched on before (comfy sweaters, cooler weather, etc), but I think my most favorite is the food and drink changes.  Comfort foods like chili, casseroles, and lasagna are always high on my list.  The highest? Apple cider and hot cocoa.  They're easy, filling, and no-hassle regardless if you're making a serving for 2 or for 20.

Lindsay's Spiced Apple Cider

Apple Cider
Johnny Walker Whisky
Orange Juice
Cinnamon Stick
Tung Hing Cinnamon

I didn't put quantities for a reason, although it is in order of percentage.  Have fun with it and taste while you make it.  It's much better that way!  Add everything at once with the exception of the alcohol, which goes at the very end right before serving.  Regular cinnamon is fine, but tung hing is very spicy, so I like it better that way.

Lindsay's Spicy Hot Chocolate

Cocoa Powder
Chili powder

Even the mug is sweating, this cocoa is so hot!  I love this.  I'm a huge believer of food being much better when it's spicy.  Again, add the ingredients to your taste.  They can all be added after the milk is warmed.  Enjoy and make sure to memorize the ingredients because you will soon be addicted!

PS: Bf painted this mug for me!

Last note, I got this Penzey's Spice kit for an office gift swap last holiday season and boy am I grateful!  You should check it out here for the upcoming season!


  1. Mmmm, looks yummy. Def gonna try the cider!!

  2. Yummy, gotta try the apple cider- I love apple cider.


  3. I looove apple cider! I'm going apple picking next weekend, and I can't wait for hot cider and cider donuts!

  4. I'm definitely going to try both of these!

  5. Cool recipe post! Would love to taste this but I am pregnant and will be breastfeeding! So I need virgin version!

  6. mmm i want to try chinese cinnamon.


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