Wednesday, October 26

About That Time

You know when it starts getting cold, a sea of black emerges, and you start wearing earmuffs?  For me, it's always a sign that the holidays are right around the corner.  With around 50 days until Christmas, it's go time.  I start making my Excel spreadsheet complete with names, gift ideas, and addresses.  And then slowly, my family starts asking me the dreaded question, "What do you want for Christmas?"

Now, before you start thinking I'm a brat for saying that, hear me out.  I love Christmas and I appreciate the thought of friends and family wanting to get me presents.  However, I don't really need anything.  That being said, I know that will not suffice.  So, in order to appease the forementioned family and friends, here is my Christmas lust list.  Do with it what you wish!

Fool's Gold Camera Chain
Getting to Yes
Loose Lips Candle
Lots of Lush
Clarisonic Mia
And if anyone REALLY wants to spoil me, I would gladly accept the following.

Vintage Cartier Tank Watch
Dolce & Gabbana Tote
Jimmy Choo Pumps

That's all for now.  What's on your holiday list?


  1. Love those picks! My mom has that watch (I think she's had it for close to 30 years now and it still looks fantastic) it's the perfect classic piece

  2. I used to know what you mean. Now, that I've shed everything in the world to move overseas, I need a ton of stuff so my list would be waaaay disturbingly domestic and simple. Like, I'd love to have a replacement badass mixer. One of those monster beasts like I had, that has multiple different paddles and can handle kneading dough. Or, a rotary attachment head for my Dyson vacuum would be a welcome new addition. As for your picks~Le sigh! Such nice stuff. I mean, the Dolce and Gabbana tote - gorgeous. I, like a lot of other fashionistas, don't care about the label on it. I just love the aesthetic of it. If anyone knows how to make one and put my name on it instead to announce it's mine and that the dude running down the street with it, probably isn't named "Rachel's" - I'd be most grateful. Yes, it's happened to me and yes, the person claimed it was theirs. And those shoes look so painful but so amazing it almost doesn't even matter. Hope you get your wishes luv! xoxo

  3. Me I want things for my house like my floors done, a closet system and a new dresser. I really need those.

  4. Eek, I LOVE CHRISTMAS :) Great picks, love.

  5. Oh, I long for the days when I wanted shoes or a dress! Now it's a bathroom remodel, patio re-do, new floors, etc. the list goes on :) But I would accept a Cartier watch, you make a good point!

    xo Mary Jo


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