Sunday, September 18

Hello, Beautiful.

There are some days you just see something and you're in awe.  Today was one of those days.

Jerome Dreyfuss 'Henrimul' Bag
Isn't it lovely? It's got all of my favorite things going on right now.  It has a brown snakeskin closure, gorgeous green leather, and a furry flap.  And on the side is gold metallic, it features a silver and purple chain, and it has red zipper pulls.  If I heard this description, I would promptly say, "no thanks."  However, this somehow comes together and makes for one luscious bag.


  1. This really is so beautiful!! I especially love the print on the flap. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, xox.

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  2. yes this is def gorgeous, all his bags are sooo beautiful!


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