Saturday, September 17

Classic Hardware

As you can imagine, these past couple of weeks have been insanity (in a good way!).  It was my first fashion week and my first blogger's conference.  It was so different actually representing myself and Black + Blonde One.  Each time I pulled out my business cards,  I got the same response: "Where did you get that case?"

"I can get it for you wholesale"Card Case

Well, my friends, it's this wonderful company called Classic Hardware.  I got this case when I worked in buying, hence the wholesale reference.  And let me tell you, they are the sweetest people in the world to work with! (Shout out to Deirdre and Karyn!)

They are on their Sweet 16 this year and show no signs of slowing down!  They started with a pinup, rockabilly feel but have since expanded to showcase artists and collaborate with Disney's Alice in Wonderful and Anna Sui.  They carry jewelry, personal accessories, and now home decor!  Check out some of my favorites below.

Cotton Candy Curly Sue Card Case
Waterlily Wallet Case
Moriendi Tampon Case
Love Bunny Vitamin Case
The above are part of the Artist Series.  They are all stainless steel cases with the work of upcoming artists.  It's a great way to integrate something meaningful and attractive into everyday, functional objects.  Normally, there is nothing pretty about carrying feminine products.

Victorian Necklace
Rascal Necklace
Windup Girl Necklace

Their jewelry all has a fun, retro feel to it.  Their newest pieces have more of the Artist Series, but the traditional pinups and tattoo imagery are also super fun!

Make sure to check out their site, Classic Hardware, and stay tuned for their new fall pieces!


  1. thank you so much dear!! :D great post <3

  2. very cute, checking it out now...

    btw updated the quinoa post for you and your quinoa needs.

    luv ya!

  3. Now that's a card case with a different. And I wish I could always get it wholesale. How sweet would life be then?

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

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