Wednesday, August 24

Wishful Wednesday

As a lot of you know, I am very silly.  I do happy dances, make weird faces, and just generally do funny things.  You think being at work would stop me? NO!  At my old job, I made up a game called, "Let's Be Rich," inspired by the song "You and I," by Ingrid Michaelson.  Basically the premise was to come up with what you would do if you had unlimited money.  I always won this game (sorry guys!) because I naturally daydream all day long.  Come and indulge with me.  Let's be rich!

Iliad Necklace, $2500

Pirate of the Carribean Earrings, $3,800
Elopement Gown, $2550
Pop Victoria Clutch, $3,445
Amethyst Flower Belt, $3950

Your turn!  What would you do if you were rich?

PS-Congratulations to Kira for winning the Eco body lotion!


  1. Hi! You have a lovely blog! I love the flower belt.

    Thank you for joining my group on IFB.

    I have now followed you both on twitter and FB.

    Would love if you could do the same back :)


    I look forward to more lovely posts from you :)


  2. omG THAT NECKLACE! AMAZING! If I had a limitless source of income, I would buy a bunch of Roberto Coin statement jewelry! I'm obsessed with it right now!

  3. the first necklace left me speechless!
    great blog, wanna follow each other?

  4. Ah yes, I know that game too well as I play that so many times in my head, haha..Love all your picks! xoxoxoo

  5. La robe noir et les bijoux sont tres chic!!!!!!J'aime beaucoup!
    Angela Donava


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