Tuesday, August 23


The seasons are changing and I suppose I should too.  I've always been very safe with my purchases for a few reasons.  1. I like the same thing.  As boyfriend says, he could walk in Zara and buy any silk shirt in black or white and I would love it.  It's kind of sad, but oh so true.  2. I have a limited budget and I refuse to get into any financial trouble because of clothing.  3. I work in a conservative environment.  As much as I would love to wear whatever I want, I can't, because I have a job.  Otherwise, problem #2 will become even more of a problem.

On Sunday, boyfriend and I went shopping (he's becoming really great and patient, too!) in Soho.  I took a little bit of a leap in some of my purchases.  Take a look!

Grey Patent Mary Janes
I've never been a mary-jane person.  I'm a stiletto girl for life.  I also usually only pick up black, nude, or animal print.  However, these are so comfortable and very chic.  I couldn't resist.

Black Leather Tee
Yep. I got one.  A black leather tee.  It's gorgeous, instantly luxe, and super BA (badass for those of you out of the loop).  I can't wait to wear it with jeans.

Zara Silk Button-Up
Yes, it's a Zara silk button-up!  But....it's mint green! That's different!

Zara Snake Print Shawl
Everyone knows I love snake print.  I loved this because it has a hint of baby blue in it, which is a color I usually don't touch.

How do you think I did?  Do you stick to your usual uniform or do you find yourself always craving change?


  1. Lovely purchases! can't wait to see a outfit picture.

    Mind following each other?

  2. love the grey shoes and leather top <3

  3. Great purchases, love the grey shoes and leather top! I tend to lean towards certain pieces, over and over again too. It's nice to break the mold sometimes.

  4. im a bit jealous of your leather tee, sounds awesome


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