Thursday, August 25

Up To No Good

Yesterday I ventured around downtown and took care of some business.  (Meaning I went to the bank, signed up for Advanced Mandarin, and did some other bloggerish things)  I know, I have such a glamorous life in New York.  I've got a bad case of the jokes today.  Sorry!

Trying not to get hit by cars.
Hey chick! Get outta my photo!
My sweet Nightingale.
Dear face, why are you so red?
Man in truck. Not interested. Keep driving.
I love random days like this.  They come by far too rarely.

Wearing: Calvin Klein silk shirt, BCBG leather skirt, Kensie python flats, Givenchy Nightingale bag.


  1. I love random ... "get things done/ caught up" days too! Love your ensemble :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. Beautiful! And I'm totally drooling over your bag!
    Hope your morning is better :)

  3. advanced mandarin! AWESOME! :) i am learning from a 3yr old..while she is learning too! lol. i know my number 1-5! and grandpa,cousin and grandma!ol. have a wonderful day.many +vibes going your way

  4. I am in love with that purse!

  5. LOVE the outfit girly! Your purse is INCREDIBLE!I'm so jealous of your fabulous day! =D I wish I were still in NYC!


  6. you tell that chick to get out!!! :P haha
    you look superb, i loooooove button-ups on anything and everything.
    also, haven't got the cookies yet! my boyfriend and i run to the front door every day i get out of work... hoping they get here tomorrow because i can't stand the wait!!!

  7. oeer your bag is too fabulous!

  8. Great pictures...very nice... check me out...


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