Friday, August 26

Ruby Red Slippers

The other day, I saw this DIY idea and it literally took over me (Seriously, I was scouring Amazon for glitter that very second).  Glitter shoes?  For me?  Oh yes!

My own ruby red slippers!
Although I love the gold (which I may DIY at a later date), I love the idea of a red glitter pump.  How did I do this, you ask? Follow me!

The goods.
You'll need: Glue, Glitter, Paintbrush, Nail File/Buffer (or you can use sandpaper)

The originals.
1. File/buff the shoes.  They'll get a distressed look and you may get some dye on you (only temporary).

2. Mix a little cup with glue and glitter.  I didn't use an exact proportion, but too much glitter will cause the mixture to get dry.  Try to avoid that.

3. Paint your shoes!  As much as you'll want to load up with gobs of the mixture, don't.  It will get runny and lumpy, believe me.  Paint a thin coat, let it dry a little, and repeat as many times as you find necessary.  I did about 3.5 coats.

No one wants lumpy shoes.
All in all, it took me about 2 hours, but it was time well spent.  I am usually terrified of DIY because I have a penchant for destroying things, but this time it was very relaxing and therapeutic. And I feel a tad bit closer to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, especially with all these natural disasters coming our way.  Everyone be safe!

If anyone wants a pair (of your color choice), email me with your request!


  1. I have a pair of silver shoes I wanna do this to but I think I wanna make them a neon green/yellow sparkle. Thanks for the DIY!

  2. You are so cute! They turned out great!

  3. nice work... these turned out so well! xo

  4. ooh i think they turned out wonderful!! i have always wanted to try this-in red too!! but im just too scared to ruin it!!

  5. Do they shed much? I'm envisioning glittery footprints...

  6. wait you DID THAT?! i wish i had patience because those are so lovely... very creative of you! they look like you bought them like that!

  7. When I saw them, I thought you bought them because they look professionally made. After reading this entry, it made me think about wabi sabi (wabi-simplicity and sabi-beauty of age and wear). I like it how you convert a simple worn black shoe to a vibrant glittered shoes in a matter of hours.


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