Tuesday, December 13

Styles and Scents

Do you ever think about how everything in life kind of connects?  Where you're from might influence your taste palette or your style.  Your outlook on life might represent what you read.  When I was introduced to Vitabath's new lines a few months ago, I couldn't help but think about scents and how they relate to personal style.

The Minimalist

Lavender Chamomile
ADAM SS 2012
For the Minimalist, the Spa Day fragrances might be the best choice.  They are clean, refreshing, and let your mind relax.  Just like minimalist fashion, it's very low maintenence and makes it's own statement.

The Glam Bohemian

Pomegranate & Blood Orange
Costello Tagliapietra SS 2012
For the Glam Bohemian, the most fitting fragrance would be the Fruit Fanatic line.  Mixed with the natural fruit scents are an exotic appeal that holds strong for the bohemian character.

The Temptress

Beach Blossom
Elie Saab SS 2012

For the Temptress, the ultimate scent would be the In Bloom collection.  It's striking and sexy, just like the woman wearing it.  Think of a fem floral with a twist.

The Girly Girl

Dreamy Pink Frosting
Vera Wang SS 2012
For the Girly Girl, what's better than the Cupcake Couture line?  It's all about sugar and spice and everything nice, just like the girly girls!  There is nothing sweeter for them!

What do you think?  Does your style mix with your scent?


  1. This post reminds me that I need new perfume. I wear Burberry Weekend - what does that say about me? :)


  2. I'm a spicy girl. Is there one for that? lol. I like clove scents and musks. I think it's because whatever my natural scent is, is a lot like baby powder. Don't ask me, that's what everyone tells me all the time. Anything other than spice and musks ends up smelling too sweet and overpowering on me.

  3. Lindsay, you are so wrong for this! A cupcake couture line! I just clicked on it and want all of them. I've never tried Vitabath. I will have to now! HAHAHA

  4. You're so clever! I definitely think my scents match my style- I like a little bit of everything in both respects! Haha


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