Wednesday, December 14

DIY Balayage, Part 2

Here it is!

Final steps:
1. Leave it in around 20 minutes.  Always stay near a mirror so you can see it develop.
2. If one side develops faster, wash off the color with a wet washcloth.
3. When it's done to your satisfaction, wash out the color.
4. Shampoo your hair twice, follow with a toner and a moisturizing mask.
5. Enjoy!

Overall, I thought it was a rewarding experience.  While I've done the traditional boxed color experiment during college (maybe a few times), it was nice to be more in control of the process.   It was satisfying being able to put the money I would've spent into my savings account.

As with any experiment, I had a few difficulties.  Probably the most frustrating was working with my own head.  I couldn't see everything or sometimes reach to where I needed.  I was also pretty nervous.  I mean, it's my hair.  I'm very protective of it.  I was also terrified of it getting stringy or damaged if I left the bleach on too long.  Thank you for those nightmares, Youtube tutorials.

I would recommend doing it yourself with a few tips.  Always have someone around to help, even if it's just for  emotional support.  Always be in front of a mirror and watch the time!  Research!  Know what products you should use.  Know how long you should leave the color/bleach on for.  Watch videos, even the scary ones!  If you are new to getting your hair highlighted or colored, think about having a friend or professional do it.

Otherwise, have fun!  Don't be afraid to experiment!  I'm thinking next time I might add a few lo-lights.  DIY Balayage, Part 3?  Maybe!


  1. Aww, it looks lovely. Must be such a relief to have conquered it without any nightmarish results. There's no brassiness or anything. Well done. I know you mentioned low lights but have you ever considered going lighter overall?

  2. Looks great, dear!

  3. you are brave! yes, i love low lights.
    but i still wouldnt try it at home, not my personal forte.
    glad it worked out for you.
    xo chauss

  4. Lindsay, you did an excellent job girl! I knew it was going to turn out fab!!! You researched and had all of your products lined up. :D Looks good!

  5. I love the Balayage look and if you can get it without spending $$$$, then power to you!! Your hair looks great! {I have messed up my color with a touch up and so now don't dare do anything myself}

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Your hair looks great!!! I can't believe you did it yourself! I love the Balayage look too and it's a fun word to say which is a plus :)

  7. The color looks very natural and pretty. You did a great job, especially for your first time. I've always preferred doing my own color (I'm cheap) but my success varies a lot from color to color.

  8. wow yours looks so nice and natural. i tried this as well the other day and i have dyed red hair, so have a look if you're interested xx


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