Saturday, November 12

How To Conquer Winter

I remember about a month back when I was thinking of giving up on winter.  How does one do this?  Well, you bundle yourself in endless amounts of clothing and avoid mirrors at all costs.  Makeup and hair styling is discouraged and the main point is to stay warm.  Luckily, I averted the winter blues and instead found a much better way of staying warm!

Add an undershirt (preferably Uniqlo heattech), a leather shirt, a fleece vest, and a cape!  You'll be add set and warm for temps as low as 40! Some fun accessories and cute shoes don't hurt either! Keep warm, fashion friends!


  1. Your hair looks so beautiful, and how could you possibly hate winter in that cape? It's fantastic! I guess I'm no one to comment, what with my 72 degree weather right now.

  2. gorgeous lady! love the shoes!



  3. umm.amazing! Love the cape and the hairdo :)

  4. Wow! This cape is a knockout! You look so chic :)

    Ivory xx

  5. That's such an incredible flipping outfit. I'm so jealous! I want all those pieces, right now. Gimme Gimme gimmeeeee!!!


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