Saturday, November 12

Fashion 101: M

Here in the US, we don't wear hats nearly as much as we should.  Judging by our reaction alone to Princess Beatrice's hat for the Royal Wedding says something.  Come on, fashion folk, let's get fancy and get into millinery!


The craft of making hats and hat trim.  Millinery refers to the hats designed, produced, and sold by a milliner and probably derives from the Middle English milener, which means native of the Italian city Milan - a source of bonnets, lace and other hat-making materials.  Millinery provided the starting ground for many famous designers, including Coco Chanel.

Millinery is quite a dying art, although royal events and couturiers are often the sources of the most business.  Above you will see a fascinator headpiece from TocameMika, the designer of my own wedding fascinator.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris

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  1. I confess, I'm a closet hat junkie. I love them with a passion but I end up feeling so self concious in them I almost hardly ever wear them.


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