Tuesday, November 22

Fashion 101: W

From the post about selvage, I learned that most of you have an aversion to sewing.  Because of that, I thought it was important to bring some more sewing terms into the mix.  If anything, it will make you sound a little smarter when you're shopping with friends.

Welt Stitch

Definition: A horizontal stich for joining two pieces of fabric, giving a ribbing appearance, such as the seam of a baseball.  Welt stitch also refers to the trim ribbing at the hem, cuffs and neck of a knitted garment.  Welt stitching can also be used to attach the sole of a shoe to the upper.

Doc Martens Gold Floral Flocked Boot
Doc Martens are known for using a contrast welt stitch to seal the sole and upper.  It has been a staple within all of their shoes, regardless of style.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris

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  1. Oh def. these are well stitched I think. Lol


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