Monday, November 21

Fashion 101: V

Today's word almost sounds scientific, which is definitely not within my normal vocabulary.  It is definitely technical, but interesting to know, especially if you love textiles as much as I do.


Definition: A fabric produced with different colored yarns or threads to provide streaks, marks, or patches of different colors   Knitting can produce a complex variegated pattern by both using yarn that contains streaks, and combining different yarns in the knit.  By manipulation of the warp and the weft, flowers and a variegated color can appear in the weave of brocade.

Mary Katrantzou FW 2011
Mary Katrantzou used a very intricate variegated pattern in the tights for her FW 2011 collection.  Silk, wool, acetate, polyester, nylon, and lurex are knitted to create the digital print from which she is famous.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris


  1. She amazes me. I love her prints and style.

  2. Beautiful fabric indeed. I studied about fabrics and sourced fabric to many fashion labels.

  3. AAAAH. I WANT THESE TIGHTS!!! so stunning.


  4. Her whole collections was filed with intricate variegated patterns! She's a genius of prints!!


  5. This is absolutely gorgeous, I love the prints and how they are so unexpected. The only line that does this just as well is Etro!

  6. ok. so all this time, i've been calling looks like this 'busy' and there's been a true term for them. my bad. you learn something new every day. the tights are beautiful!

  7. Those variegated tights are amazing! Eek!


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