Saturday, November 19

Fashion 101: T

Today's word is often one that gets confused.  When you first read it, does it make you think of a decorative blue or black pattern on a white background and miniature repeated scenes of families frolicking in the woods?  Well, I thought that's what the word meant.  It's not.  That particle pattern is toile de jouy, as seen below.  Look at that, two words in one day!

Toile de Jouy

Definition: A garment created as a test for a new pattern of design, typically from cheap material such as gingham cloth or calico.  A toile or muslin allows the designer to see how a design works and hangs, allowing it to be altered and perfected prior to producing the finished garment.

Project Runway, Season 7
Above you while see Emilio from Project Runway created a toile jacket for his children's clothing challenge.  This is essential to get an idea of the fit and style he wants to create.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris

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  1. I had a toile de jouy duvet and didn't even know it. Huh. Go figure. Learn something new every day. And sometimes you even learn two things. ;)


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