Friday, November 18

Fashion 101: S

Who sews?  Not I.  I neither have the patience nor time to even embark on the task.  I know the basic stitches, can fix a button, and mend a hole.  Anything else, fuggedaboutit.


Definition: The uncut edge of a woven fabric that is on the right and lef-hand edge during manufacture.  Selvage or selvedge will not fray as the yarn returns on itself and thus appears finished.  Selvage tends to be cut away or hidden by a hem as it may carry a different pattern to the rest of the fabric, have a different weave pattern, or lack pile.

Selvage Jeans
On jeans, the selvage is generally left in tact for a more quality piece.  When left, the selvage reinforces the seam, since it cannot be unraveled.  Generally, the more expensive jeans have the selvage left in, which can be seen when cuffed.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris


  1. I'm so rough on outfits, I could probably use an entire outfit made out of selvage. I wonder if that could be done in a way it would look awesome of if I'd just end up looking like a Halloween experiment gone horribly wrong.

  2. You really so take me back to college - i love a vis selvage in jeans xx

  3. A ha, I never ever knew what that word meant.

  4. Um yeah, I can't sew at all. But guess what.. my hubby can! I'm a lucky girl.

  5. My mom once wanted to alter some jeans and she has broken at least 5 needles from the sewing machine. Ever since she doesn't want to hear about jeans alterations. ;) LOL!

  6. I don't even know how to pronounce that really hahah.


    xx THE CHEAP


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