Tuesday, November 15

Fashion 101: P

You know how French words always seem fancy?  That's exactly how I feel about today's word.  I must admit my guilt in not knowing this word.  French is not my forte and thus, I was never enticed to find out the real meaning.  Well, here it is.


Designer clothes sold in standard sizes rather than made to measure.  French for ready-to-wear, pret-a-porter or off-the-peg clothing sacrifices the tailored fit and exquisite finish of haute couture for a lower price and ease of purchasing.  Haute couture fashion houses produce pret-a-porter ranges of their designs as the high garment turnover offers higher profits.

Net-a-porter takes a spin on pret-a-porter in the sense that they offer online retailing with ready-to-wear merchandise, accessories, shoes, and bags.

Credit: The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design, Ambrose & Harris


  1. My roommate in college was a Fashion Merch major. I remember loving the sound of this word when she told me about it :)


  2. I took tons of french and never learned this word. I've also forgotten most of it. Woo hoo to re-learning some stuff and exploring new territories.


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