Monday, November 14

Fashion 101: O

There is no "O" in The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design.  So I had to think of my own word for today.  I was trying to think of technical terms, historically relevant events, and even designers.  What I then thought of was perfect.  It matches my view on what I think fashion should be and how I try to reflect my own personal style.


Definition: Wealth, Riches, Influence.  In abundance or excess.

Early 90s Versace
When I think of opulence, I think of the late Gianni Versace.  His designs always had an excess of flair, embellishment, and color.  Both his lifestyle and his designs exuded wealth, extravagance, and luxury.

Source: Merriam Webster


  1. Ok, this is me to a T. I love love love Gianni Versace's work. I'll even admit, that I have been called gaudy because of my love for it but I just don't care. I love it that much.

  2. Absolute perfect fit! Also I think of LaCroix from the 80s - super opulent over the top--modeled on religious jeweled clothing.

    xo Mary Jo


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