Sunday, October 2

Such a Ragamuffin

This weekend, Bay Ridge hosted its annual Ragamuffin Parade.  What is that, you ask? It's where little children dress up in their finest costumes are parade down 3rd Avenue.  There is also plenty of cotton candy, marching bands, and hot rod cars.  Based on this, I obviously had to dress up in my most pin-up worthy attire.

This one was too funny not to put in.  Dude, get out of my picture!

I loved that my Spike the Punch mint necklace matched the car.

Not gonna lie, I seriously wanted to jack this car (not that I ever would because I'm a law-abiding citizen).  Vintage black Bentley.  Yes please!

This was all pre-parade.  Then it was time for the cute kids to come out.  Below are a few of my favorite.  I hope they won some prizes!

Happy October everyone!


  1. You look beautiful! And those little boys dressed as lobsters are adorable :)

  2. Oooo I would love to have seen you in a photo inside that bentley, it looks gorgeous! Awesome that you worked in a glasses shop for 2 years because it'd make buying glasses online tricky! Your wedding is in 265 days? Awesome ;)

  3. Bonjour!!!
    J adore!!!! Super coll tes photos!!!
    Angela Donava

  4. How fabulous - looking hot! x


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