Saturday, October 1


I can't remember if I told all of you, but I've been on this big kick about texture.  I want as much texture as I can find for my looks.  This resulted in a complete breakdown trying to find a little fur evening bag.  Why? Because it would be so cute. That's why.

While we were in Florida, boyfriend and I found an antique mall, a very large antique mall.  I love antiques.  I could spend all day in them, (but I would have to leave at night for fear of all of the creepy spirits lingering in the old items.)  Anyways, guess what your girl found? If you guessed a tiny little fur bag, you are the next contestant on the Price is Right.  Ok, just kidding, but I did find one!

Isn't she a lovely?  It was in wonderful collection, had no odors, and just fit in my hand so perfectly.  Oh yeah, did I mention it was only $40.  Holler!

Perfect pearls? I think not.  These are replicas and very scuffed.  These are practically the only pearls that I like.  They look a little rough around the edges and not so prissy.  At $7, I had to take them.

If only there were only more antique malls around here.  Actually, if anyone knows of any local ones, please please please let me know!


  1. love the pearls, they are gorgeous. great bargain! xx

  2. I love antiquing! That clutch is to die for, and the pearls are great too. You have such great taste :D

  3. ooo. nice finds! antique malls sound like a cool concept.

  4. ooh, yes please! Both are amaze, but espesh love the fur clutch! xx


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