Thursday, October 20

Celebration Station

I don't remember where I read this, but it was around high school. I can't remember if it was a magazine, a book, or a poem.  All I remember was the message, and that's what counts.


Most days you have to find a reason to celebrate.  Not everyday is a holiday, an anniversary, a birthday, etc.  Since that day, I've made sure to make an occasion for myself daily. Maybe I'll have a nice breakfast.  Maybe I'll give myself a compliment.  Maybe I'll bake myself a pie.  Maybe I'll get dolled up for no good reason.  Maybe I'll just sleep an extra hour.

I've found that this extra umph always makes my day.  It always gives me something to look forward to.  Now, this isn't about being a lush, a glutton, or a narcisstic.  This is about taking care of yourself and having a little reward for working hard.  It also helps prevent getting burnt out, which easily happens when so many people do it all these days.  

Try it for a week and I guarantee you'll feel much better.  And plus, winter is coming up, so we all need a little perking up before it gets too dreary.

We'll just pretend this is my bathroom.
My treat today: A nice, long lilac bath a little something like this.


  1. That's a very important lesson I wish I'd learned much earlier in life. It's just been within the past year that I've managed to adopt it. I think my treat today, is going to be an early bed time. I can't remember the last time I was this tired. That long lilac bath looks like it would be a sublime experience in that bathroom. xoxo

  2. what a nice bathroom. it is important to take time out each time and to reflect. It is so easy to forget to look at what is good about ourselves.

  3. I totally agree! Especially in busy, stressful times, it's sometimes difficult to take a moment and remember how important your own happiness is. Everyone deserves a treat :)

  4. So totally agree with this! I think I have heard this before but dont remember from where..

    Love! ~Angel

  5. yes, very good advice. we really need to learn to love ourselves and treat ourselves right. a bath sounds heavenly right now. mine'll be lavender:)

  6. Always got to enjoy and appreciate the little things daily! Especially for yourself.


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