Thursday, October 20

Being a Blonde

I was born a blonde, and a platinum one at that.  Growing up my hair naturally got darker and I was forced to start coloring.  As I girl that's gotten highlights since I was 10, I think I have a fair share of knowledge about dealing with roots.  I've been so lucky to have a mom that is a hairstylist (and that is generally awesome) because I've learned lots of great tips.

I'll start by saying this: being a blonde is fun, but it's definitely high maitenence.  Highlights should be done every 6-8 weeks.  Within that period, depending on your natural color, the roots start getting pretty noticeable.  The following are my best tips for concealing the roots as best as you can.

Charlize Theron
1. Go curly (or wavy)! This is one of the best ways to hide the roots.  The messier, the better! Since it generally adds some volume, you'll find that the roots just kind of hide themselves. Side note: Do not go straight!  I seem to forget this every time my hair falls in that 6-8 week window, but hopefully you can remember.  My straightening it, it makes the roots extremely noticeable since the hair is sleek (as pictured below).  You don't want that.  Trust me!

I love you, Carine, but your roots are showing.
2. Do a zigzag!  Instead of your normal side or middle part, mix it up a little and try a zigzag part.  Highlights are usually placed on your natural part, so by throwing this off, the roots aren't as noticeable.

3. Use product! My best root-fighter is dry shampoo.  This lifts the hair, gives it volume, and adds to the messy look that conceals the color difference.  I use Klorane Dry Shampoo.  It's French and wonderful!

So what do you do between coloring? Moisturize your hair!  By using bleach and color, it dries out the hair and if not done properly, can completely break off or "fry."  Not good.  Usually I use Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment or Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil, which work wonders. 

Lately, I was introduced to No.4 Lumiere d'hiver Reconstructing Masque.  I can't say enough good things about it.  My hair always can out silky smooth and gave the best blow outs (no frizz).  The best part was that it doesn't leave a filmy coat on your tresses like some masks do.  The only bummer is that it's $58, but then again, you don't use a masque everyday, so it would last a while.

I hope some of these tips are new and helpful to my fellow blondes.  You can see my previous hair tips here and here!  I'd love to hear what advice you have!

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  1. I was concidered a dirty blonde growing up, light in the summer and darker in the winter. People like my lighter hair than me with darker. But keeping it light is tough on my hair, drying it out. But I have been using some Korean products from a Korean salon I go to and they keep it healthy.


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