Tuesday, September 13

Red, White, and Green

A while back I was in the city in the morning for an appointment.  I was too early (as always) and decided to take a stroll around.  As long as you live in New York, you never get the time to do or see the things you want to.  So given this chance to just be a tourist, I decided to take it.  And luckily, it was rather empty so I didn't have to actually deal with other tourists.  (I love you, tourists, but not when you stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures.  Please remember that NY sidewalks are like roads and there are rules.)

Everything in Little Italy is painted in the country's colors, even hydrants.  They were my favorite.

We've got everything in NY, even David.

That place has amazing cheese. Nom nom nom.

It's the land of red, white, and green.

I stopped and got an espresso at this place.  It had a very European feel with the coffee bar and you could even order and drink your espresso at the counter.

Do you feel the same way about your city? Do you often lack the time to enjoy the little treasures?


  1. I so never have any time and i love London - definitely making me think i need to make the time x


  2. That fire hydrant is so charming!

  3. Cute pictures! I totally feel the same way about Boston. I've lived here since July, and at first I explored a lot. Now that I'm busy with school, though, I barely have time to get out of the house. It breaks my heart!


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