Monday, September 12

Elizabeth W.

My grandma is one of my most favorite people in the world.  She is caring, funny, and she makes a mean mac 'n cheese.  That's why when I heard the inspiration from the Elizabeth W. line, I immediately fell in love.  Elizabeth W. is a perfumery in dedication to Elizabeth Wightman, Albert's (the creator) great-grandmother.  Scent captures memories and he wanted each one to be reminiscent of his great-grandmother's will and character.

When I saw the new line at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF), I wanted to know more.  Little did I know that the line had such much meaning and heart behind it.  The new packaging, coming out for the holiday season, is based on the Aesthetic Movement (a British art trend in the 1800's, beauty for beauty's sake, focused on simplicity of design and product finesse), which was going on while his great-grandmother was on a wagon heading out West.  Each pattern is adapted from the hand-painted historical designs.

Magnolia Bath Fizz
Bath Fizz Detail
Sweet Tea Eau De Parfum
Eau De Parfum Detail
Elizabeth W. graciously sent me some samples to try.  The Magnolia and the Sweet Tea are their best sellers and I can smell why!  I've been wearing the Sweet Tea all weekend because it's so soft, feminine, but different.  (And boyfriend loves it!)  These aren't your typical frilly scents.  They are sophisticated and have a point of view.

Vetiver and Tea Rose
The Vetiver is strong and seductive.  It's very bold, woodsy, and masculine, but lightens up to softer scent.  Tea Rose was a little too floral for my tastes, but I think my mother would love it.

Leaves and Magnolia
Leaves, rightfully named, is a clean and earthy scent.  It would be perfect for those occasions you don't want anything overpowering, like a plane ride (Please take note guilty parties!).  Magnolia is a great one, simple as that.  It's feminine, slightly floral, and has a touch of spice.

Citrus Verbena and Lavender
Citrus Verbena is definitely that; fruity.  It's not quite my taste, but I think my grandma would love this.   The Lavender, again, has never been my type of scent.  However, this one has a slightly herbal note, which is an interesting combination.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Elizabeth W. line here!  Did I mention it's all locally made in San Francisco?

What type of scent do you prefer?


  1. They look nice. Following you back. Thanks for following me.

  2. Gorgeous. And I love my grandma too and mac n cheese hehe

    xx THE CHEAP

  3. the perfume looks sweet, must definitely take a look!

    style roulette

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  5. A timely post.. I was just looking for a new perfume today during my break between classes. I didn't find one, so I'll definitely check out the website.


  6. I am a sucker for nice packaging. So cute!


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