Thursday, September 29

Playing Pretend

You can't go to Palm Beach without visiting City Place.  It's centrally located and houses all the shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.  We were there at least once a day and always had so much fun.  One of our my favorite games is playing "Let's be rich."  We decided to go into Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware and have some fun.

I guess I'll take this bathroom. (and chandelier)
I want chandeliers EVERYWHERE.
Comfy bed. I wish it was black.
Darn you, Restoration Hardware for having so many wonderful skulls on the wall and beautiful trunk cases just lying around.  One day you will be mine!

Do you do this too? Or am I the only crazy lady out there?

PS-If you look over to the right, there are 2 new tabs: Tumblr and Faves.  Tumblr is mostly for inspiration.  Faves is a list of most of my favorite blogs.  I'm still working on it, so don't fret if you're not listed yet.  


  1. Oh i play i wish it was mine all the time - its the best fun xx

  2. Haha, one of my favorite games too!

  3. Ahhh!! I love City Place! One of my fave places in Palm Beach, I'm actually going to be there for the winter, leaving next week. Eek!


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