Thursday, September 1

I Got Agate.

Nature and luxury usually don't go together.  However, when they do, they really do.  Let me introduce you to Rab Labs.  They are known for fusing together precious, natural materials with cutting-edge modern design to create pieces I constantly lust over.  Agate has been their main source of inspiration to design products for the home.  Recently, they have begun creating accessories, much to my (and soon your) excitement!

Cinta belt
Cinta belt
Made from hand-polished agate, suede, and Italian leather, these belts will make a statement.  Another great part is that no two are alike, so don't worry about any weird fashion encounters.

Luxu belt
Luxu belt
These are the Luxu belts.  They are trimmed in 24kt gold or sterling silver and have a black leather band.  I could easily see these belts worn with a casual maxi dress, jeans and a tee, or the ultimate little black dress.  And just because I love Rab Labs (and the founder Anna!) so much, I have to showcase my other favorite products.

Carina boxes
Aren't these lovely? I could see putting my little trinkets in here next to my bed or keeping business cards at my desk.  It's such an instant dash of luxury!

Kiva platters
Forget about diamonds, look at the beauty that Mother Nature produces here!  These would be great for serving cheeses, fruit, or appetizers, for those of you that like to entertain.  Personally, I think it would go great on my vanity to hold perfumes as well!

Dart on over to Rab Labs and check out the rest of their assortment.  You'll be happy you did!


  1. Lindsay, you have my heart hehe! I was actually eyeing that exact sweater on! But it's a bit pricey so I am still resisting thus far. ;)

    I am loving these precious stone items, too pretty!

    The Cat Hag
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  2. Wow, these are great! I've seen Agate as rings, which I love, and as pendants, which I own and love. This is a really creative new twist.


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