Wednesday, August 31

Wishful Wednesday

I've lived my entire life always wanting to take the next step in life.  In high school, I dreamed of college.  In college, I dreamed of living my life in NY.  Once I got here, I dreamed of finding my passion.  Once I had that, I wanted to find love and start a family.

Coco, our Maltese.
Yesterday (as most of you know on Twitter), boyfriend and I began our little family.  Welcome Coco, our new baby pup!  She's a Maltese and very rambunctious!

Do you have any pets?


  1. ow! way cute!! x

  2. how adorable!!! that puppy is soooo CUTE!

    i have a small dog too---a jack russell terrier, my little furry love <3

  3. She looks so sweet! I have a giant chocolate lab named Jelly that absolutely has my heart.

  4. OMG. She is SOOO cute. I remember getting my first "baby" too. :) Although potty-training was a nightmare! But, it's all worth it in the end since they always love you and happy to see you haha! Yay for fur babies!

    xx THE CHEAP

  5. she's so cute! congrats to your boyfriend and you - very exciting!

  6. yay! so so so so cute! we've been wanting to get a dog for awhile, but can't seem to make the commitment. What does that mean?!? haha

  7. Wow!!!!!.....Tres jolie....:)
    Angela Donava

  8. OMG Linds - absolutely gorgeous - congrats on your new baby xx


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