Tuesday, September 20

How to Spot a Blogger

Trends are one thing. Fads are another.  Why does no one talk about this budding movement of blogger obsessions?  There are those items that nearly every big blogger has and regularly showcases.  Is this fashion? Is it an effect of sponsorship?  Is it a chicken or egg type of argument?  Does one blogger see it and it becomes a domino effect?

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Prada Baroque Sunnies

Cambridge Satchel
Zara Heels

I believe that this phenonema is a matter of counter cultures.  As fashion bloggers, we are a subculture.  It's like when early 90s urban youth all wore Adidas sneakers and tracksuits and yearned to have that B-boy look or in the 50s when everyone wore turtlenecks to be a Beatnick.  I believe that while some genuinely like the styles of whatever the new hot item may be, others simply find validation in the fact that more popular bloggers are wearing this item.

Now, I must say that I find nothing wrong with this.  It's a personal decision that everyone makes.  In my own style guidelines, I make it a point to not follow the crowd.  (This is due to the fact that I grew up in a town of 2,000 and everyone had the same American Eagle everything.)  Don't get me wrong, I freaking love those Zara heels (and the original Christian Louboutin Helmut).  However, I would like to be known for looking like myself and not what someone else thinks I should look like.

What do you think of this movement?


  1. I looove those Prada sunnies!


  2. I know it is like measles catching and i did get the Zara heels - they were just too fab and too well priced to resist!! x


  3. I like that blogging adds another dimension to street fashion, but like anything don't feel the need to follow it like a slave, in fact probably avoid it a little too much. Haha!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. I'm constantly on the look out for good conditioners as my hair is overly dry from years of process - right now I really like Ouidad's stuff. What about you? Any good recs?

  4. Super chaussures!!!!! J adore

  5. Ha... so true. I LOVE the cambridge satchel and Zara heeles... can't get into the JC Lias or those sunglasses, but see them EVERYWHERE!!

  6. You're a smart girl! I mostly agree, but I really want one of those Cambridge satchels, lol!


  7. Good saying!
    I like the sunnies so much....



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