Wednesday, August 3

Wishful Wednesday

I can be a little impulsive at times.  Ok, I lied.  I can be a lot impulsive.  I was thinking that a weekly feature might help the blog (and myself) be a little more focused.  Therefore, I'm starting Wishful Wednesday.  It will feature each week's current obsession.  This week my obsession has been finding the perfect miniature crossbody.  It's perfect for holding just enough and would leave me hands free!

Seamless Micro Purse
Seriously. This is the bag that started it all.  I would like an assortment of these in all colors and textures. Ideally I would love an olive green ostrich, red croc, and purple velvet.  I swear Luxirare has magic hands.

Alexander Wang Marion
I'm also in love with this little number. I love the metallic accents.  I think I would feel (and look) like a rockstar.

Jason Wu Python Miss Wu
Hello my beautiful neon, exotic friend. Come join my closet.  It's always clean and pretty cozy.  I think you also might like my shoulder.  I promise I'll protect from the mean New Yorkers on the street, too!

Am I going insane? It is ridiculous to want a tiny bag that can only hold essentials? I'm thinking not.


  1. Much better for the back darling and i love the Wu!! x

  2. The Jason Wu python bag is so lovely. I;m loving the wishful Wednesday so far. -xxoo :)

  3. the colors are gorgeous! regarding your comment, my FIT ID is right there with my metro card and train ticket :) no way i'd leave that behind!

  4. oh my goodness the last bag is so gorgeous.. love snakeprint.

  5. That first bag has won my heart, and yes I would definitely be psyched if you came to Sydney!

    We would do a shopping and eating day. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  6. Looovvee those bags- that Jason Wu python is to die for! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

    follow me back!


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