Sunday, August 7

Cleaning Up House

I am an organizational freak.  I like to be on top of my responsibilities, make sure things are in order, and ensure that all of my duties are being fulfilled.  I find it fitting that I should keep you up to date with all the changes around here, both big and small.

I 'm on facebook!  Come like me.  I promise it will be fun!

I'm on twitter!  I've changed my name from Yslshoegal to BlackBlondeOne, in case my existing followers were confused.

I'm on bloglovin'! You know you want to follow me!

Lastly, the news that I find most exciting! *Drum roll please!*

GIVEAWAYS! Yes, that's right. They are coming. I've found some wonderful products to share with the world, but you first and foremost.

Are you excited? I hope so!  Whew! I feel so much better to get all of that off my chest. Enjoy your weekend, loves!

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