Thursday, July 28


I see makeup almost like cooking.  Everyone has a different hand.  It's always going to come out different but you can generally understand someone's technique.  My way? A tad bit of this and a dash of that, with no real instructions.  Somehow it usually turns out well, in both instances.  Along the way it may get a little bumpy, but all's well that ends well I suppose. (Did I even use that correctly?)

The goods. I'll get to the deets later.
Clean slate.
Doing a little brush action. Bare Essentials formula for those familiar.
Covering up the rough spots.
Using Nars cream blush in Laguna. Finger tools are the best.
I told you it gets bumpy!
Using Makeup Forever cream blush in #1.
Just make sure to blend until your fingers hurt.
Now I'm properly blended.
I also added Sephora eyeshadow in Alpine.
And WA-BAM! The final look.
Added Sephora black kohl eyeliner.
Added YSL lipstick in #31.
Oh! And don't worry, I didn't chop off my locks.  It's pulled back while Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment  does its work. Obviously I'm not a pro at this makeup tutorial business, but I always think it's fun to see how others get ready.  The only tips I can give are as follows:

1. The most expensive products don't always make you look like a million bucks.
2. Know yourself, especially what colors work.
3. Use your fingers! It's more fun and allows you more control in your movements.

Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun!


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