Saturday, July 16


When I was a young girl, I always had a white wicker vanity.  I could play dress up, do makeup for hours, and display all of my favorite products.  As I've grown up, nothing has changed.

It's not quite a traditional vanity, but it's my little table of wonders.  I have some dried flowers and lotus root, makeup and brushes, perfume tray, and a trinket box from a dear friend from Russia.  I feel like besides being super useful to have everything together and right next to my mirror, it also adds a little glam to my everyday primping time (even it's only a quick dab of blush and go!).

Do you have something similar?


  1. no, but i want to set up a vanity area in my room. it is pretty. i like that it's small too, that's what i want to. something dainty, and feminine.

  2. Well, not quite, but your definitely looks good.


  3. No but i cant wait to get a dressing table - i love them x

  4. love NARS products!! x


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