Friday, July 15

Modern day Pam Beesly.

Thank you all for the kind words.  I am much better today after some awesome caretaking from the boyfriend, a few episodes of Twin Peaks, major blog reading, and a frozen hot chocolate (also from boyfriend!). 

QUESTION. Do you like The Office? I sure hope so.  Otherwise, you probably won't get the following references.  Boyfriend and I LOVE the office. It's actually one of the first common interests we found out about each other.  As I was doing my normal e-window shopping, I came across these sneakers.

F-Troupe Rubber Lace-Up
PAM BEESLY! These are pretty much a high-fashion version of her "whitest sneakers" that she wears on the daily.  Anyone remember the episode of The Dundies when she's drunk and falls off the stool after "second drink?" C'mon, it's a classic!

What do you think? At $45, I think it's a steal.


  1. These are so damn cute!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I like photos!
    See mine if you wish to, I add you to my bookmarks of fav. blogs :D

  3. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before! It's super cute!! I enjoy reading your blog. There's a lot of personality in your writing. Love it!

    Cup of Fashion

  4. hahahahaha i get it, and those are really cute! except they would give you a really really awkward tan... :P
    p.s. go to my page and my favorite baby. you need to get yourself the mama (i hope you get what i'm saying)

  5. oh i like ths shoe :D
    Love Lois xxx


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