Wednesday, July 6

Playing the Vixen: A Lifetime Role

A dear friend once said to me, "Lindsay, if you wear a black garbage bag, you will still look like Jessica Rabbit."  It's true, the curves are abundant.  This makes dressing quite difficult, especially for conservative environments, like an office job.  Luckily, I live in New York and basically anything goes.  I always know that no matter what I'm wearing, there will always be someone more naked than I am.

So demure she is.
Full shot. Looks pretty innocent.
WA BAM! It's Wonder Woman in her leather bralette.
No so innocent now, aye?
A tired and very full Lindsay. No more photos!
Sorry for the blurred and dark photos!  Our camera was throwing a temper tantrum and only a few decent shots were had.  Don't fear! More fun (and detailed) outfit posts will come soon!

Wearing: Saks Fifth Avenue Skirt, American Apparel faux-leather bralette, Uniqlo modal cardigan, Nine West pumps, Gifted necklace from Sarah.


  1. hehe loved your comment!! dont think my wallet is gonna like me at all either! def need a whole lot of style stalker in my life ;) x

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