Tuesday, July 5

Jessica Rabbit x Morticia Adaams

I have long been a fan of long, flowing gowns with or without high slits.  I think this happened because of the forementioned ladies, Jessica Rabbit and Morticia Adaams.  Make believe or not, these bombshells inspired a world of glamour and decadence, as well as oozing sex appeal.  While browsing the fall collections, I stumbled upon Alexix Mabille. Holy cow, I have found the mecca!

Ooo la la!

Do you see that giant feather? I need a giant feather!
Gorgeous gothic.
The print and the spikes? YES.
All I need now is some frou frou fur puff mules to traipse around the house in. All images via FashionMag.com.


  1. hahaha,,,,what do you need a giant feather for?

  2. nice collection. :) for me, long black gowns possess confidence and strength. :) nice post!

    im following you now. :) hope you could visit my blog and follow back too! i would be grateful! :) thanks. :) looking forward to more posts! :)


  3. So lovely!

    You've got a really cute blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  4. Those clothes look amazing! I love the last one very much!


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