Friday, July 1

OMG Shoes!

I would like to make a promise. I'm really good at promises. I keep them and everything!  I promise you, sweet readers of mine, that this will NOT turn into a wedding blog.  There are entirely too many facets of my life and style to solely focus on having a bridal bonanza.  That being said, today we're going to look at some shoes, that may or may not be potential wedding shoes.  Eek!  Don't kill me, they are still fashion and not gaudy rhinestone numbers!

Pour La Victoire Evelia.
I like the daintyness and retro feel to these.  I love the baby blue color, but I'm considering purple.

Betsey Johnson Ice
These are very diva-licious and fulfill my inner-princess dream.  I have never been the glitter type, but I'm somehow drawn to these more than I should be.

Butter Coraline Plaform
So yes, it's a little more "bridal" and yes, its very dramatic.  Maybe I secretly want to be Selita Ebanks in the Kanye West "Runaway" video? Maybe it's because I will also be wearing a feather fascinator on my head? Either way, I love these babies.

What are your thoughts? Which one do you like?


  1. i personally love the feathery one! hehehe i never had a church wedding.. :( if i did, i would want to wear rubber shoes! hehehehehehe with laces and feathers on them! :) kisses hon.. if you want me to draw you please send me five pics to choose from at kisses love!!!

  2. The first ones are my favorite.
    Just love them :)

  3. I am a shoe addicted,so I love this post!The first one are my favourite!

  4. love the first one :)

  5. Thanks for the comment!I like the first one!
    xx Tanja

  6. middle ones are the best :) xxx

  7. The wedge! You can dance the night away pain free!


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