Saturday, July 2

Like for Easter Bunnies.

I think everyone should watch this:

What do you think? Yes, she's cute and funny, but is this going too far?  One of my guilty pleasures, and   I mean very very guilty, is watching Toddlers & Tiaras.  This isn't because I like beauty pageants, but because I love learning more about subcultures.  Obviously this subset gets pretty intense, by the way of fake tanning, "flippers" or fake teeth, fake eyelashes, and wigs. And this is on kids starting at age 2.

When is it appropriate to introduce kids to beauty?  Granted I do not have any kids, it's hard for me to comment.  I think my first play makeup set was probably given to me around age 5, which was appropriate because I was more of a diva than Beyonce could ever imagine being.  I did local fashion shows and one beauty pageant, when my beauty adventure came to a halt.  I didn't win the contest because I didn't blow a kiss to the judges. Shucks!  My mom was obviously frustrated, because in her eyes, there was no contest.  I had to clearly be the winner.

After that, she didn't enter me in any pageants or let me even think there was a remote possibility.  Mostly I think she didn't want to be upset or have me be disappointed.  I'm thoroughly appreciative of this fact now. Considering the amount of sex in our culture, the idealism of youth, and the neverending search for beauty, when should kids be introduced to this world?


  1. I think a kid should be enjoying herself on the playground rather than worrying about make up.. :) well, that's just me..

    hon your illustration is ready! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT! kisses love

  2. She is adorable!
    But I think she is too young for make-up
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  3. Haha she is adorable! Little kids playing with makeup are so cute :)

  4. way too young for all of that!! not sure how toddlers and tiaras isn't child abuse...waxing a 4 year olds eyebrows and spray tanning a 15 month old is not ok on any level in my eyes! xx


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