Tuesday, July 26

Back to School

As some of you know, I'm studying fashion merchandising at FIT.  I should be *fingers crossed* graduating next spring.  Although I hate the tuition payments, I love the feeling of going back to school, amassing new stationary, and having that crisp air feeling (not banking on it this year based on NYC's weirdo weather).  Below are a few finds that I would love to start off the new school year right! (Especially being in the fashion capitol at a fashion school and all!)

Helmut Lang Oversized Tee
Perfect for all-night study sessions and cram-a-thons.

Helmut Lang Asymmetric Sweater
 So comfy and great to layer when it starts (hopefully) getting chilly.

Pour la Victoire Flats
Flats are a must for NYC. I like that these are sweet with a little bow and some glitter. Very ballerina-esque!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Backpack
And how would I ever start the year off without a new backpack? It's essential, albeit a leather fancy schmancy designer one isn't. Oh well!


  1. Cool Pieces L - have a good year! x


  2. I love those ballerinas, they are just the right touch of girly! :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. Oh so fun you get to go back to school and study something so fun! What a great adventure.


  4. Gosh, I want that MJ backback, and I'm out of school! Hehe! PS, regarding your recent comment, I think you and I would get along swimmingly! We appear to have the same (dis)taste in trends!

  5. Ah ha ha! I guess we were (sort of) on the same wavelength, check it out:

  6. I love oversized and asymmetric tee!!!Thanks for sharing!


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